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Here is the final product of my last post. His name is Deady Dreadlocks. Having been dead for over 150 years, he’s seen and experienced the lives of those who have lived, and helped end some of them. But aside from that he is a relaxed vampire hailing from the islands of the west indies. He enjoys “meditation” and will tell it like he see’s it!


Comic strip update, preview of new character

Khan_shaun_DeadyDreadlocksHi everyone!

This is just a preview of one of my newest characters for my upcoming comic strip. Like Zombie homie, this character is also one of the living dead, but he is not a zombie. Any guesses toward what type of ghoul this is? By next week you will all find out. I hope to have the first edition of my series completed by the end of the month, maybe just a little after Christmas. Until then, keep an eye out for new post!

See ya