Attack on titan hype!

Attack on titan hype!

This is just a little sketch I did to commemorate the most thrilling anime I’ve ever watched. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it or at least heard of it. Its called Attack on Titan.

Picture a world over taken by a strange species of titans whose only aim of existence is to eat and eradicate human kind. The regular population of people have been pushed to near extinction. The only line of defense that humans have are 3 giant walls that surround them for the rest of their day to day lives.

This sketch is of the main character Eren Jeager. He was a boy who witness his mother slaughtered by the titans. He then joined to ranks of the scout regiment to combat the titans, and to totally destroy each and every one of them.

Watch Attack on titan guys and gals! I’m out for now!

Stay in the HYPE.



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