Here’s a little taste of marvel from the 90’s!

Hey everyone! Hope your all well and in the HYPE. This is my latest attempt into Digital painting. Non-other than one of the amazing spider-man’s deadliest foes, CARNAGE! For those of you not familiar with the character; here’s a little back story.

Cletus kassidy is a deranged serial killer with in the spider-man universe. after being apprehended by spider-man he was then sent to the mental facility known as Ravencroft. Unknowingly to him his neighboring cell mate was non other than Eddie brock; also known as Venom. Venom was in the midst of giving birth to an offspring, that being the carnage symbiote. The symbiote being able to feed off of emotions; more negative than others instally clung it self to kassidy. Thus giving birth to the diabolical entity known only as CARNAGE!

Stay in the HYPE


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